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WHY We Are in Business:

To make life better through better software.

At Real Peoples Ratings, we strive to make consumer and business owner lives more manageable and therefore the world a better place. We build marketing software to bridge the gap between consumers and businesses for their mutual benefit. We imagine a source where consumers find high-quality, reliable reviews and business owners find high-quality leads, feedback, traffic and reputation management software to help both parties make informed choices and ultimately to make life easier.

We want as many people as possible to join our movement to improve lives through better software. Currently, we are focused on the reviews industry and holding it to a higher standard, so consumers find the best products and services at the best price to support their families, and business owners reach the target audiences they need to help their businesses and families too.

We know we can't do this alone which is why we're looking for as many people as possible to join us. We strive to continually challenge the Sales, Ratings, Reviews & Reputation Management industries status quo with better software. We know together we can continually question the status quo of the unpoliced reviews industry and by doing so improve shopping choices for consumers and sales revenues for business owners and improve life for everyone involved.

We believe in thinking progressively about making life easier through higher standards. Consumers want high-quality, reliable data to make good spending decisions. Organizations want fair hassle-free ratings, traffic, and leads to grow their business. Both want to be connected fast to each other. Both want to be empowered and protected. And both want it to be easy. Our products make sales, reviews, and life easier.

Decide today to join a better source for reviews and sales, marketing, and reputation management software. Decide to join a site which places a higher value on consumers and business owners than any other service. Join a better way of life. Help us help you. Join us.


What we do proves what we believe. We provide cutting-edge, innovative, valuable software applications making consumer's product and services research, and business owners lead, traffic and reviews generation and ultimately reputation management, easy, fast, and user-friendly. Consumers want content they can trust. Business owners want genuine, helpful feedback, leads, sales, and ethical nonpejorative control over reviews. We continually strive to break the status quo by providing a platform and the software where businesses and consumers harmoniously find and mutually benefit from each other.


The way we challenge the status quo is by creating innovative software that makes the world rethink traffic, sales, leads, reviews and reputation management. For example, In the traditional world traffic routes to the popular commercial reviews provider's site first then hopefully back to the business customer last. The traditional method is cannibalization of business owners traffic. At RPR we turn this philosophy around to benefit our end users. Unlike our competitors, we strive to send traffic to the business customer first and then hopefully back to us. With us, you get more traffic. Join our movement to test the status quo and make life better.


Real Peoples Ratings LLC’s mission is to make life better through better software.

Specifically, we strive to provide a high-quality, enjoyable internet platform experience where consumers and businesses engage one another for mutual benefit. We strive to act as the platform and application of choice for consumers to find just about anything just about anywhere having the perfect balance between price and quality best suited for their individual needs and where they can share constructive feedback to businesses individually. We also strive to provide a platform where companies can communicate with consumers creating a valuable resource tool for improving their products, services, marketing results and overall revenues while deliberately and actively manage their online and offline reputation.


Real Peoples Ratings LLC’s vision is to be the household name and brand internet platform where consumers go to find virtually anything that is the "best in their budget" and be the favored choice for marketing and advertisement solutions for businesses worldwide. In short, our vision is to be “the” household name brand bridging the gap between consumers and businesses.


We strive to foster a Climate of positive organizational behavior by observing four core values namely Linked Prosperity, Compassion, Temperance, and Restorative Justice. Too often the review, ratings, and reputation management industry treat consumers and business owners unjustly, show little compassion and temperance. At RPR we strive to be different. Whether you are a business owner, consumer user, affiliate or staff member at Real Peoples Ratings we seek to foster these organizational values at the individual, group, and organizational levels.

  • Linked Prosperity We believe in the success of all constituents including consumers employees, contractors, vendors, suppliers, customers, and affiliates. We can all mutually benefit from each other.
  • Compassion represents our shared commitment to help others. We help bridge the gap between consumer and business owner for their healthy mutual benefit.
  • Temperance represents our organizational belief in demonstrating restraint and control in the face of adversity, temptation, and provocation. We believe in a reviews community avoiding egocentric, heated responses in favor of patience and restraint.
  • Restorative Justice represents our company's belief in conflict resolution giving all parties a chance to express their thoughts and feelings fostering healing which produces solutions focused on the greater good. Reviews should be a source of positive emotions and behaviors.


Our name is a proud demonstration of combining individuals with their group or culture of interest. These include but not limited to products and services offered by Hotels, Restaurants, Realtors, Travel Agents, Attorneys, Dry Cleaners, Dentist, Automobile Dealers, Pet Care, Medical, Financial, Plumbers, and Landscapers, etc. Fraudulent and inaccurate reviews inundate the typical crowd-sourced content providers. Many of these companies go to a lot of trouble to try and vet and filter these reviews. In doing so many legitimate reviews are inadvertently removed. Our name uses “Real” to emphasize we focus more on the vetting the individual providing the review. The RPR online community and culture comprises many groups of people. Therefore, we use the possessive form or “Peoples” to indicate our many subcultures interested in taking ownership and contributing product and service details across a vast breadth of markets. While quality and quantity of reviews play an important part of the user’s evaluation process, we use the word “Ratings” over “reviews” because, at the time of the creation of the company, science proved consumers are frugal and heuristically driven to focus on the numerical star “Rating” value.